Training/Seminar of Enterprise Standardization Given By VMTA

Ningbo Zhongdi Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd, one of the leading manufacturer of soldering station, soldering iron and soldering related products since 1994.

In order to serve our customers better and all management flow smoother between different departments of HR, Administration, Purchasing, Production, Quality and sales, to cost saving based on current condition, renowned training facility is offering lecture to relevant Zhongdi personnel.

The modernization of enterprise management is a grand systematic project. In order to realize the modernization of enterprise management, we must first do a good job in the basic work of management. The most important thing is to use the means of standardization to unify and standardize the basic work in the activities of enterprise R & D, production, operation and management. Enterprise standardization management is to continuously improve the enterprise standardization level by effectively organizing and coordinating the standardized operations of various departments of the enterprise according to the enterprise’s business development objectives, so as to improve product quality, reduce material consumption, establish the best order of operation management and production and manufacturing, so as to obtain the best production benefits.

The purpose of this guidance is to guide enterprises how to achieve scientific organization and management by formulating and implementing standards, give full play to the role of human, financial and material resources, realize orderly management of various activities of enterprises and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

Counseling benefits
1. Improve production efficiency → process standardization
2. Reduce production cost → standardize parts
3. Establish brand image → quality standardization
4. Improve corporate image → management standardization


Seminar 2:
1. What is a management project
In order to specifically evaluate whether the results of the performance of the unit’s duties have reached the purpose, the items that must be mastered are called management items.
2. How to decide to manage the project
(1) From the perspective of Q • C • D • respectively, think about “what items are used to measure the quality of job results” one by one, and record them.
(2) Delete and merge duplicate or meaningless items.
(3) Try to make the management project of the unit contain Q, C, D, m, s and other functions.
(4) Clarify the definition and calculation method of each management project.
3. What is an important management project
In the management projects of the unit, after appropriate evaluation, it is considered that the current projects are more important.
4. How to decide important management projects
(1) Consider the importance of each management project from the perspectives of “boss concern”, “post project requirements”, “unstable current situation” and “relevance to tasks”.
(2) Measured by three or five paragraph evaluations.
(3) After sorting, 4 ~ 6 items (initial stage) are determined as important management items according to priority.
(4) Submit to the superior for review.
(5) Important management items shall be reviewed regularly and adjusted, updated and revised appropriately according to the results.

Training 2

Post time: Apr-08-2022