• Zhongdi TLW Wooden Handle Soldering Iron

    Zhongdi TLW Wooden Handle Soldering Iron

    •With a long-life & high-quality heating element.
    •Strong and practical use in soldering work.
    •Excellent heat transmitting effect with the heavy-duty seamless steel tube.
    •Power range from 30W to 300W.
    •30 to100W with a smaller wooden handle same as
    •WD, and 150 to 300W with a big wooden handle.
    •Fitted with a curved tip.
    •Use for different soldering articles, like metal board tube or big components
    •Big power professional soldering iron
    •Tip is fixed by a screw, easy for replacement.
    •Wood handle, heat-resistant.
    •Ergonomic reinforced wooden handle offers better grip of precision work and insulation.
    •Environmentally friendly,lightweight, durable and elegant.