Tips to Safe Handy Soldering and 7 Bad Habits of Handy Soldering

Safety Preparation
· Work bench:Keep your work bench tidy and clean.
· Work place:Work in good ventilation condition, use ventilation apparatus or equipment.
· Safety wear:Make sure to wear glasses and heat-proof gloves.
· Equipment:Soldering station or soldering iron is far away from combustibles.

Safety instructions during operation
· Before use, to check the soldering iron tip attached to the solder appropriately.
· To check the metal part of the handle and stand is clean, and make sure handle and stand can be touched correctly.
· Handle should be placed on the stand when off use.
· Fetch the soldering iron handle with care.
· Do not leave the work place when the soldering iron is on.
· Do not touch the tip of the soldering iron to avoid any burn. Use professional stand or assisting tools for tip replacement.
 Safe maintenance instruction
· Take off the soldering iron tip when the soldering station or soldering iron not use for long time.
· Keep the surface of the soldering iron tip clean and apply tin to prevent oxidation on tips.
· Alcohol only applied to clean the metal parts.
· Check all the cable and clean the stand at regular base. To replace when necessary.

Regarding safe soldering, do you have any advice or suggestions?

7 Bad Habits of Handy Soldering
1.Too much force. Soldering the joints with too much force will not make heat up more quick.
2.Inappropriate soldering the heat channel. Tip cannot touch the bonding pad before apply soldering flux(except for special technology)
3. Wrong size of tips. For instance, too small size of tips used on big bonding pad would cause insufficient soldering flux flow or cold soldered dot.
4.Too high temperature. Too high temperature of the soldering iron tip would cause bonding pad tilting, thus affecting the quality of soldered dot, substrate damaged.
5.Soldering Transfer. Apply soldering flux to the tips then touch the bonding pad.
6.Inappropriate fluxes. Overdose of fluxes would cause corrosion and electrons migration.

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Post time: Feb-25-2022