Tools for Electronics DIY: Soldering

  1. Soldering Iron

1.1   Ordinary Soldering Iron

Fixed heat power adopted for the ordinary soldering iron; the temperature of the soldering iron tip is subject to the heat dissipation speed. Soldering iron with big power is only applicable for big parts/component, the one with small power applicable for smaller part/component. Oxidation will occur easily onto the tip and it’s not recommended even through it’s cheap.

1.1.1          Internal Heating Soldering Iron

One of the vintages, extremely cheap. It’s with internal ceramic heater and quite safe. The advantage of it is high heat efficiency and utility-saving.

1.1.2          External Heating Soldering Iron

Also, one of the vintages, iron tip placed on the center of coil of the mica heater, without temperature control and economic cost. And also, big power also available.

1.2   Temperature control soldering iron

The characteristics of this kind soldering iron is internally placed with temperature sensor and temperature regulation circuit, so when it reaches the setting, power will cut off and temperature gets low. During this process, power up to resume to the setting temperature.

Bigger power, better performance and no need to worry components will burnt out due to the big power.

1.2.1          Constant temperature soldering iron

Represented by Taiwan-made and low-end Japanese-made. The ceramic temperature control element controls the temperature in some certain range. Compared to ordinary soldering iron, the performance improved quite limited but the percentage of burnt out lowered quite great deal.

1.2.2          Hand-held temperature adjustable soldering iron

For this kind of soldering iron, it contains thermal-coupler and the temperature can be regulated by potentiometer. It’s excellent choice for DIY. Represented by Zhongdi with model of ZD-708N.


1.2.3          Temperature Controlled Soldering Station

It’s the ultimate evolutionary form of the soldering iron. Some adopt 2 in 1 non-detachable heater with tip, heating up with direct big current instead of AC, thus, it’s more safe and better ESD effect, more accurate circuit and better performance of temperature down, more apt to long time& high standard work required by assembly. Compared to soldering iron, the price is not so satisfactory for DIY, but perfect for hobbyist with budget.



Post time: May-04-2022