• Is solder tin toxic by soldering iron? How to prevent effectively?

    Most electronics engineers should have soldered the board with soldering iron, and is the solder tin poisonous? 1.Is solder tin with soldering iron poisonous? Some internet users make complaints about the fact that he used solder tin all year round at PCB factory. He felt that he was beginning to...
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  • Training/Seminar of Enterprise Standardization Given By VMTA

    Ningbo Zhongdi Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd, one of the leading manufacturer of soldering station, soldering iron and soldering related products since 1994. In order to serve our customers better and all management flow smoother between different departments of HR, Administration, Purchasing, Pro...
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  • New Product Release: Flexible Soldering Helping Hands

    Ningbo Zhongdi Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd is proud to announce release of new product ZD-11M and ZD-11M-1, Flexible Soldering Helping Hands, best aid for your soldering work and makes your job more easy and comfortable.   Features: Four Adjustable Metal Gooseneck Arms Stainless Steel Preci...
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  • What is the best way to clean the soldering iron tips?

    What is the best way to clean the soldering iron tips?

    During lead-free soldering, besides the wet sponge, there are other ways to clean the tips. Which way to adopt depends on seriousness of the contaminant on tips, and technology of maintenance and soldering method. Below instruction would help you to choose the most convenient way to clean your ti...
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  • Tips to Safe Handy Soldering and 7 Bad Habits of Handy Soldering

    Tips to Safe Handy Soldering and 7 Bad Habits of Handy Soldering

    Safety Preparation · Work bench:Keep your work bench tidy and clean. · Work place:Work in good ventilation condition, use ventilation apparatus or equipment. · Safety wear:Make sure to wear glasses and heat-proof gloves. · Equipment:Soldering station or soldering iron is far away from combust...
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  • Zhongdi Celebrating Its 20 Year Anniversary

    Zhongdi Celebrating Its 20 Year Anniversary

    Established in 1994, we have gone through all along these years with our employees, customers and suppliers. Now Zhongdi has been a significant role player in the production of soldering station, soldering iron, etc with an area of  10000 square meter, over 500 employees, and annual yield exceedi...
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  • New Year’s Holiday Closing Notice

    We will be closed for the New Year’s holiday from Jan. 31 (Mon.) 2022 through Feb. 6 (Sun.) 2022.2021 is a complicated year, experiencing pandemic, raw material cost rocket and tensive supply-chain. But we survived with success with collaboration with all our employees, customers and suppliers. T...
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  • New Product Release

    New Product Release

    Temperature Controlled Soldering Station & Fume Extractor with LED Lighting 3 in 1 Combo Our ZD-8951 is a temperature controlled soldering station with rapid heating and digital display + fume extractor + LED lighting. Specification Temperature range: 160-480℃(320°F-896°F) PTC rapid heating e...
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  • About NEPCON China

    Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center The exhibition will bring together 600 exhibiting brands and companies to showcase the world’s first new products of PCBA, including surface mount (SMT), smart factory and automation technology, dispensing and spraying, test and measure...
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  • Development Trend of SMT Technology

    In electron applied technology intellectualization, multimedia, under the network trend of development, the SMT technology arises at the historic moment. Along with various disciplines domain’s coordinated development, SMT obtains the news fast development and the popularization in the 90s,and be...
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  • Global Hand Soldering Market 2020-2025 Rise

    Global Hand Soldering Market 2020-2025 Research Report categorizes the global Hand Soldering market by key players, product type, applications and regions, etc. The report also covers the latest industry data, key players analysis, market share, growth rate, opportunities and trends, investment s...
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  • Zhongdi New Product Release

    ZD-555 Soldering Gun with Solder Wire Feeder Features 2 in 1 design. This item perfectly combines the soldering iron and the solder feeder. You can operate it with one hand. Pull the trigger, the solder will be fed to the tip continuously. Solder feed control device can precisely adjust the solde...
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